Evaluating Expressions & Order of Operations Task Cards – 6.EE.A.1


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Evaluating Expressions and Order of Operations Preview

Do you need a little help covering evaluating expressions and order of operations in your 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade math class?

Task cards are the perfect activity for your restless and impatient students who want to get out of their seats!

The collaborative element makes them fun and engaging.  Using task cards is a great change of pace from the typical warmup or test review.

Get their bodies moving and see their brains start to move!

Let’s face it – students HATE sitting in desks all day.  They LOVE any opportunity to get up and move around, even if it’s while practicing math!


  • 20 Stations (2 to a page or 4 to a page)
  • Color or Black & White Ink Saver
  • Student Recording Sheet
  • Answer Key


These task cards cover evaluating expressions using the order of operations.

There are three word problems and 17 expressions.  Two of the expressions cover absolute value.

Some of the expressions include parentheses but no more than two sets of grouping symbols in each.

Some of the expressions include exponents, but no exponents higher than 3.

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