Slope of a Line Task Cards – 8.EE.B.6


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Do you need help covering core standard 8.EE.B.6?

Task cards or stations are a fun way for your 7th, 8th, or 9th grade students to practice slope of a line.

This is a fun way to practice and review!

Your restless students will love getting out of their seats and moving around. When you get their bodies moving, you get their brains moving too.

The collaborative element makes stations fun and engaging!

This is a great change of pace from the typical warm up or test review!

Try having the students rotate around the room and watch their brains come alive!


  • 20 Stations
  • 2 to a page or 4 to a page
  • Color or “Ink Saver” Black & White
  • Recording Sheet & Answer Key

Cut out and laminate stations so you can use them every year!

I typically have students work in partners, but BOTH of them have to fill out the student information sheet, showing work. Students could also work individually. Working with more than one person gets too crowded, and some students skate by without participating at all.

There should never be more than two people at a station (unless you have more than 40 students).


  • Find the slope of a line given the graph
  • Plot a point and use a slope to create a graph of the line.
  • Plot 2 points and use the graph to determine the slope.
  • Find the slope of a line given two points.
  • Find the linear equation in y = mx + b form given the graph.
  • Identify positive, negative, zero and no slope given a line, or just the slope.
  • Create a real world example that explains positive slope.
  • Look at slope as a rate

Encourage (or require) students to write down EVERY problem so that if they run out of time on one station, they can finish earlier problems at another station.

Give students a specific time to complete each task. (1-2 min). Use a timer that goes off to help students know when to switch stations. This way, when the timer goes off, students will just get up and move without direction. Set the amount of time based on the skill of your students.

This is an EASY Print & Go Activity!

Forget the traditional BORING worksheet – give yourself an EASY day and your students an activity they will LOVE!