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I made a purchase, came back to the site later to download, and my download link disappeared.

After a successful purchase, you’re granted instant access to a download link on your cart page. This is a temporary download link. As soon as you close the page, that download link goes away.

If you want to download the resource again at a later date without creating an account, you can use the download link that’s sent to your email. There’s no rush – this link will never expire.

If you can’t access your email for some reason just email us and we will help you.

If you create an account before you purchase, you will be able to re-download your resource from at any time.

My computer is asking me for a password to print.

Our .pdf files are protected with a password to restrict editing, but you should not need a password to print. If your device is asking you for a password to print, you can install Adobe Reader (it’s free) and use that to open and print the file.

Can I have the password?

Unfortunately, our files are not editable and we do not give out the passwords. Sorry about that. If you feel you can’t use your purchase without being able to edit it, please get in touch and contact us.

I made a purchase but I never received a download link email.

Our checkout process uses Paypal/Amazon Pay and the download link is sent to the email address associated with the payment account that you choose.

For many people, their Paypal or Amazon account is associated with an infrequently used email address.

Make sure you’re checking the right email address because your Paypal or Amazon email might not be your day-to-day email.

Hotmail users have reported that our download link email landed in their spam folder.

Many teachers have reported issues associated with their school email address. Your school email address may have settings and filters that block you from receiving our emails. If you made a purchase using your school email address and you’re having trouble, just contact us and we will help you!

If you made a purchase and can not access your download link for any reason, just send us a message and we will help you!