HUGE Periodic Table Wall Poster


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This MASSIVE Periodic Table will look great in any chemistry or science classroom.

It’s seriously HUGE! Measuring over 9 feet wide and 7 feet tall, this periodic table will STAND OUT. It takes up an entire wall!

This is a black & white printable DIY poster. You can make this poster with any printer!

For best results, print on colored paper or card stock and laminate. Then just attach directly to your wall! It’s not going to fit on a bulletin board – it’s too big!

I included an easy printing guide that makes printing this enormous poster a breeze!

This resource also includes a matching handout with a black & white and color option.

Atomic Weights:

All atomic weights are rounded to the third decimal place.

The data on this poster comes from The Jefferson Lab and also matches the IUPAC. While creating this resource, I noticed there is a discrepancy between different sources on the atomic weight of some elements. These are the most up-to-date atomic weights I could find.