One Quadrant Coordinate Plane Poster and Handout


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Help your class learn plotting points and identifying points in quadrant one with this printable poster!

The origin, x-axis, y-axis, and multiple points are graphed and labeled.

This poster has MANY different options. Check out the preview to see them all!

The panels are interchangeable depending on the phrasing that you want to use. You get a blank graph and partially completed graph – you can graph and label the points on the poster yourself as a lesson for your class.

You can use these poster pieces in multiple different ways. I glued them to a poster board, but you can staple them directly to your bulletin board or use them to create your own anchor chart!

The poster pieces line up perfectly for an appealing look. There’s a version that fits nicely on a poster board and a larger version that will look great on your word wall, bulletin board, or math center.

This resource also includes a handout with multiple options depending on your needs. There’s a full page completed version, a blank version you can use as a worksheet, and a half page version that fits nicely into an interactive math notebook!

Print this poster on brightly colored paper or card stock, mount, laminate, and you can use this for years to come!

Your class will really benefit from this poster!