Slope of a Line Poster


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Help your class learn slope of a line with this beautiful bulletin board poster and handout!

There are multiple versions included! Use the one that works best for you and your class. There’s a completely blank version, a partially completed version, and a completely filled out version.

This is a black & white DIY poster.  Print out the panels you want to use, cut them out, and assemble your poster.  If you want your poster to look exactly like mine, you need to print it on Astrobrights color paper.

You could use a blank version of the handout as a worksheet and a blank version of the graph and complete it together as a class as part of a lesson on slope.

You can use these poster pieces in multiple different ways. I glued them to a poster board, but you can staple them directly to your bulletin board or use them to create your own anchor chart!

The poster pieces line up perfectly for an appealing look. This poster fits PERFECTLY on a poster board! You need cute math classroom decor, and this is it!