Decimal Operations Foldable

This decimal operations foldable is a FUN and INTERACTIVE way to take notes on decimal operations!

Your upper elementary or middle school math students will love foldables compared to traditional note taking!

This is the perfect resource for your 5th graders who are just learning this and it’s a good quick review for older middle school students who should already know it.

This foldable is perfect for an interactive notebook!

It doesn’t even take up a whole page in a composition notebook.

This is ideal because you can write work that won’t fit in the foldable on the side, and notes can be written in the notebook next to the foldable.

Students will complete this decimal operations foldable as a substitute to traditional note-taking.

They will write the rules for how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals.

Finally, they will complete examples about adding decimals, subtracting decimals, multiplying decimals, and dividing decimals.

There are several printing options and an Easy Printing guide at the start of the resource.

Just choose how many examples you want on the foldable, whether you want an answer key, and whether or not you want the steps written out.

Using the Easy Printing guide you can quickly find the page numbers for the version of the foldable that you want to use!

Print the first page number on the front and the second page number on the back.

Using a foldable like this is much more interactive and engaging than traditional note taking.

Students LOVE foldables compared to traditional notes!

Using printable & foldable notes in your interactive notebook makes life much easier for you!

Download and print – you’re set for an entire day!

Try this foldable in your classroom TODAY:

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Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this foldable!

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