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Awesome product. Perfect for my sixth graders learning how to plot points!
-Michael M.
I have this printed and ready to go when we go back to school.  This is amazing and will be such a lifesaver!
-Mary C.
Great product! Very creative and easy to use!
-Michelle S.

This coordinate plane poster will help your class learn plotting points and identifying points on the coordinate plane.

The origin, x-axis, y-axis, and quadrants are labeled. There are points in each quadrant that are graphed and labeled as well. There are blank quadrants included – you can graph and label the points yourself while building your poster as a lesson for your class.

You can use these poster pieces in multiple different ways. I glued them to a poster board, but you can staple them directly to your bulletin board or use them to create your own anchor chart!

The pieces line up perfectly to form an attractive poster which is slightly smaller than a standard poster board – I cut off the excess border to make mine look good.

Dimensions: 25 in. x 19.5 in.

There are multiple handout and worksheet options to choose from:

  • full page
  • half page – great for a composition notebook
  • complete
  • partially complete – several versions
  • blank
  • table with additional points to plot
  • coordinate plane only
  • coordinate plane with table

Written by Bradley Augsburger (The Husband)

I support Amy behind the scenes. I'm the Dolce to her Gabbana.