4 Quadrant Coordinate Plane Poster and Handout


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Awesome product. Perfect for my sixth graders learning how to plot points!
-Michael M.
I have this printed and ready to go when we go back to school.  This is amazing and will be such a lifesaver!
-Mary C.
Great product! Very creative and easy to use!
-Michelle S.

This beautiful poster will help your 6th, 7th, or 8th grade math class learn plotting points and identifying points on the coordinate plane!

Students really benefit from having a visual on the wall. This large and vivid poster can be seen from all over your classroom!

This is vital information for any middle school math student.

It’s important that they learn this! Why not provide them a constant reminder that they can refer to all year long?


The complete version comes with the origin, x-axis, y-axis, and quadrants all labeled. There are points which are graphed and labeled as well.


There are two partially completed versions – one with the points labeled but no coordinates, and one with no points at all.


There are also two blank grids included – one with the numbers and one that is completely blank.


You can use one of the partially completed or blank grids to construct an anchor chart with your class as part of a lesson!


This download includes a worksheet and a handout!


Also includes a half page version that you can use in your interactive math notebook!

This is a DIY printable poster

Our DIY classroom posters print on multiple pages and you assemble them yourself. This allows you to choose the size, colors, and content that you want! You can print this poster with any 8.5 x 11 printer!

Print, laminate, & mount

To construct this poster, use the easy printing guide and table of contents to locate the panels you want to use. For best results, you should print your poster on colored paper or card stock and then laminate. You can mount on poster board, directly to your bulletin board, or right on the wall!

This poster prints in black & white

If you want your coordinate plane poster to POP like mine, you need to print it on Astrobrights color paper!