Types of Triangles Poster

Types of Triangles Bulletin Board Posters

These eye-catching bulletin board posters will help your students learn the types of triangles.

And they will look GREAT on your wall!

Some of your students may need help memorizing the differences between equilateral, isosceles, scalene, acute, right, and obtuse triangles.

Having a constant reminder on the wall really helps!

This is a large black & white DIY poster.

Print out the panels you want to use, cut them out, and assemble your poster!

Then laminate and mount to your bulletin board, poster board or directly to your wall.

If you want your poster to look exactly like mine, you need to print it on Astrobrights color paper. (affiliate link)

These posters are sized perfectly to fit together nicely on your bulletin board.

Or, you can create a separate poster for each triangle!

Most math classroom posters are hard to read from the desks.

They are often cluttered with too much information!

The students can’t even read them unless they are standing next to the wall.

My posters are LARGE and VIVID – EASILY read from the desks!

They are bold and readable from anywhere in the classroom.

Every math classroom should have these posters!

They are useful and beautiful.

Decorate and educate!

Download these posters TODAY:

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