Adding & Subtracting Integers Maze


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Are you working on adding and subtracting integers in your 6th, 7th, or 8th grade math class?

Use this activity to reinforce your student’s learning after being taught how to add and subtract integers.

My mazes are more fun than a boring worksheet!

Students will add or subtract the integers to move through the maze.

A spacious worksheet is provided for them to show work.

But that’s not all…

There is also a bonus mini-maze that you can use to show the students how to work the maze and/or give them to solve.

It is the perfect size for a composition book (half sheet of paper), so it would be a great addition to your interactive math notebook.


  • Maze 7 by 5– Student Worksheet (27 problems must be completed to get through maze)
  • Mini Maze – 3 by 5 – Student worksheet and answer key (7 problems must be completed to get through the maze)
  • Student Worksheet with Workspace (34 problems total)
  • Answer key options.

Early finishers?

Print a blank maze.  Encourage early finishers to create their own maze.  If it’s good, you can use it for the whole class next week!