Adding Integers Puzzle 7.NS.A.1


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Are you looking for a fun way to review adding integers?

Students love this twist on a boring worksheet.

They are given the chance to cut, arrange, and solve a puzzle.

The puzzle can be completed individually or in groups. There are three size options! Use a larger puzzle to make working in groups easier!

This is guaranteed to be a hit with your class!

Some Tips:

  • The text is read along the outside of the triangle. If you rotate your triangle, you will easily be able to read all of the text right side up.
  • For every spot that the triangles match up, the expression and sum must match up.
  • When two triangles are touching (share a side), they must be a match.
  • There will be expressions and sums that are not used. They will end up along the outer rim of the puzzle with no match.

How can you use this activity?

  • Independent Practice
  • Group Work
  • Assessment
  • Review

What should you do about early finishers?

  • Give students some blank triangles. Once they have finished the puzzle, they can continue the puzzle with expressions and sums of their own.
  • See who can add on the most triangles before time expires.
  • *BONUS: You can now use these cards in the future.*

How to solve the puzzle:

  • Solve each expression to find the sum.
  • Match up expressions with their correct sum.
  • When matches are found, place the puzzle pieces and work on the next part.
  • Make sure that all shared lines represent the same number.
  • Once everything matches up, you are finished! Congrats!