Addition Equations with Positive Numbers Maze


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Do you need to practice solving addition equations with positive numbers?

Are your students sick of boring worksheets? Try this fun & engaging maze!

Just print this off and give yourself an easy day – your class will be engaged & entertained while practicing math!

How does it work?

  1. Solve the first problem in the “Start” square
  2. Use the correct answer to follow the right path
  3. Continue the process until you reach the “Finish” square

This product contains two versions!

The first version has all of the equations looking the same, with the variable first.

The alternate version has the order of the equations mixed with the variable sometimes first and sometimes second.

Answer key is included!


This is two products in one – a full page maze and an additional bonus half-page mini maze.

Use the short maze for a quick warm up one day, and the longer maze for more practice on another day!