Top 5 Reasons I LOVE Teaching Online


Keep in mind, most of these reasons have nothing to do with actually teaching online, but they are the major perks of the lifestyle!Enough said…


As many people know, I do not like germs.  While teaching in the “real” classroom, I greatly despised having dirty-feeling hands all day every day.  I even considered becoming a science teacher so that I could have a sink in my classroom!  JUST KIDDING… but I was certainly envious of those sinks.  Baby wipes and clorox wipes were my savior…ESPECIALLY baby wipes because they were cheap.  I kept them at the door and all around for students to clean desks, their hands, etc. Did I have hand sanitizer around?  Sometimes, but mainly just for the students.  I am not am not a fan of the smell.

Now how did I walk around all day every day with dirty hands if I am such a germ freak?  I simply wasn’t able to wash my hands.  We were required to be at our doors between classes, and all of our classes were back to back.  The only guaranteed times I would wash my hands were after using the restroom, which I would always do during my lunch break (if I took one), and my prep period (if I wasn’t covering another teacher’s class).

Now that I work at home, I wash my hands all the time and I love it!  Plus, I get to use the bathroom anytime I want. 🙂


From my time teaching at a brick and mortar school, I realized that I loved everything about teaching except for excessive grading and record keeping.  Due to teaching online, I can avoid most of this and allow my creative mind to flourish.

Here are some of the things that I create for my classroom:

  • Videos
  • Power Points (including files that I sell on tpt)
  • Word Documents
  • PDFs (including files that I sell on tpt)
  • White Board Files (.wbd) to use in Black Board Collaborate
  • Adobe Captivate Files (.cptx)
  • SWF Files (.swf)
  • Graphics and Clip Art

Sometimes I wish that I could quit teaching so that I could play on the computer.  I would love to learn how to become a real graphic artist.  Also, I would love to have more time to make teacher products.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not planning on quitting teaching… I would miss it too much.


By working from home, I am able to see my doggies, family members and friends more often. Yes, I am still working the same hours, but being at home makes my life a million times easier.  If everyone is driving me crazy, especially the dogs, all I have to do is close the door to my office to get a little peace and quiet.  I don’t HAVE to work in my office though.  Sometimes I like to work downstairs so that I can sit on the couch or stand up at the counter height tables I have.  When I was working at school building, I felt like I never got to see my fiancé.  Sometimes I still feel that way when we are on opposite schedules, but at least I get to see him.  I love seeing him on my breaks, however small and infrequent they are.  Also, he kisses me goodbye before he leaves, even if I am in the middle of class.  Another Bonus:  If I feel like having a “co-teacher” for the day, or even just for one class, I can invite my dog, Charlie.  He loves sitting as close to me as physically possible. I think he would burrow underneath my skin if he could.


I save money on clothes because I don’t need them for every day use.  I am completely comfortable going to the grocery store in my pajamas or workout clothes.  I do need clothes when I go out to do something, if I attend a field trip, or if we have a meeting at the office.  I do like to turn the camera on while teaching.  For this, I need a top.  I tend to wear tank tops around the house.  In fact, I have very prominent tank top and flip-flop tan lines, due to what became last school year’s uniform. How did I get tan lines?  I live in Las Vegas and take the dogs in the backyard (flip-flops) and on walks (tennis shoes).  OK, back to needing a top… I prefer not to wear tank tops on camera, so I leave a sweater or shirt nearby for easy access so that I instantly look more professional on camera.  A lot of times I do not shower until after class, and I try not to wear about doing my hear or wearing make-up.  My students still tell me I am beautiful… so sweet of them 🙂

What are some other things I save money on?

  • GAS!  I don’t drive nearly as much as I used to.  Also, I can get reimbursed for any miles I travel for meeting and other work expenses.  I haven’t taken advantage of getting reimbursed yet; I really need to do that next year!
  • Clothes, Shoes, Make-Up, etc.
  • Food, water bottles, coffee, etc.
  • SCHOOL SUPPLIES!  I have a depressing amount of school supplies that I purchased sitting in my garage.  I need to do something about that!  I am considering selling some items, but am also happy to give some to fellow teachers.
  • Other Classroom Items:  Books, Bins, etc.
  • Candy and Prizes for students.  I was never a big fan of bribing students, but did take part at times.  It can really work when used properly!  During my last year of teaching at a brick and mortar school, I stopped buying candy altogether.

When working at home, the opportunities to save money are endless!


Finally, one bonus of working at home that I need take better advantage of next year:

I can multitask!  laundry, dishes, and other cleaning tasks should be easier for me to carry out.  I just need to remind myself of this once the school year starts…  It is tempting to avoid chores when I have work to do!  I thought of this bonus while writing this post and looking around my house that I need to clean desperately.   Playing on the computer is simply more fun than doing chores!


The top 3 of reasons that actually relate to my love of teaching online:

  1. Creating resources for my students.
  2. Making an impact on my students by tutoring them or connecting  with them.
  3. Teaching classes virtually.

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