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Sudoku Interactive Bulletin Board Set

Sudoku Bulletin Board Set

This Sudoku bulletin board set is sure to be a hit with your class!

You get two different puzzles – classic Sudoku and “irregular” Sudoku.

What is irregular Sudoku?

It’s just like classic Sudoku, except the 9×9 sections are transformed into irregular shapes designated by color.

To complete irregular Sudoku, you solve each row, column, and color section.

Each puzzle includes an “easy” and a “hard” version with the same solution.

You will need a way to attach the numbers to your board – in the examples pictured, I used Velcro dots.

You also need a way to store the game pieces on the board so the students can access them.

I included a variety of foldable pouches that can be easily mounted to your bulletin board using a stapler.

If you want something bigger than what I’ve provided, try stapling a file folder next to your game board!

Multiple printing options are included – print your bulletin board set in color or black & white.

This is a DIY printable bulletin board set. Print out the panels you want to use, cut out the pieces, and assemble your bulletin board.

The easy printing guide makes it a BREEZE to print the puzzle version you want to use.

Make sure they aren’t trying to solve the puzzle when they should be paying attention to you!

Try this bulletin board with your class TODAY:

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Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this bulletin board set!

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