Square Roots on the Clock: Spontaneous FREE Resource

Great idea for connecting the clock to square roots:

I saw this pin on Pinterest, and was really excited (thinking it would be a printable).  NOPE, it is an real clock!  The product looks great, but every teacher (that I know of) has a clock in his/her classroom, so it is unnecessary for classroom use. However, If you are a teacher out there that doesn’t have a clock (and wants to buy one), you may want to consider the above resource.

If you are a teacher that already has a clock (isn’t that all of us?), check this out:

I decided to create a few FREE printable resources that teachers can use.  The “Post-It” Cards, and Star Cards can be taped to the clock.  Obviously, actual post-its can be used too.  You can print the other pages with the completed clocks as posters.

Square Roots Clock Ideas (PDF)

I just made the stars yesterday, so I wanted to use them for something.  I have other files with regular numbers in the stars, blank stars, and different styles/colors of stars.  

Download the free .pdf file here:  Square Roots Clock Ideas

I originally started making the stars to use for a very successful *Star Student*  idea that I have used in the past.  

Anytime a student earned an A on a test/quiz, I put a star with the student’s name (and the date of the test/quiz) on the bulletin board.  One year, my student aide suggested sectioning off the board by period, which was a great idea!  Every quarter (or when the board got full), I distributed the stars to the students.  I noticed that many students kept their stars in their binder cover.  Some even traded with friends!  

Hopefully I can find pictures… it was a beautiful way to make my classroom colorful!  When I do get around to writing more about this, look out for another free PDF.  

Note:  Some schools have a star punch that you could use  For some crazy reason, my most recent school did not.  If this is the case, there are companies that make star punches.  For example, when my mom was a STAMPIN’ UP Demonstrator, she used her star punch to make card stock stars in various colors.  She even made some hearts for valentine’s day, and some flowers.  I truly appreciated her kindness 🙂

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