The Fraction Alphabet


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This activity is a unique way for your class to practice fraction operations!
Each student will receive a fraction alphabet key and a worksheet. They will use the key to translate each letter in their name to a fraction. Then, the students will use their “fraction name” to solve fraction operations problems or find the LCD.

Why did I create the fraction alphabet?

One day while I was working on another fractions resource, I noticed that there were 26 simple fractions between 1/1 and 1/10 if you leave out the sevenths, exactly matching the number of letters in the alphabet.
I ordered the fractions from least to greatest and matched them with the alphabet, creating a “secret code” using fractions.
You can use the fraction alphabet to solve many different types of problems. Pre-select words or have your students select words and then solve by adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing.
Have a little extra time at the end of class? Use the fraction alphabet to practice fraction operations!
Want to practice with integers? Assign a negative value to all of the vowels!
In addition to the multiple printing options, there’s a conversions chart included so you can use the secret math alphabet to work with decimals and/or percentages instead of only fractions!

Try this unique fractions activity with your class TODAY!