Order of Operations Toucan Coloring Picture


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This coloring picture activity is a fun change of pace and helps you cover the order of operations core standard 5.OA.A.1. Students will solve expressions containing some combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and parentheses.

There are 9 expressions to solve. As students complete the problems, they will match each solution to a color. Finally, they will color the picture by problem number.

None of the expressions have exponents. Most expressions have one set of parentheses, some have two sets of parentheses, and other expressions have no parentheses.

It has two variations – there’s a one page version that has a table with the expressions and room to show work along with a smaller image to color. If you are looking to save time and paper, use this version. If you are not short on time, or your students want to create a masterpiece, use the full page image. This version will require more than one page – one for the picture and another for the problems with room to show work. These accompanying worksheets are either two to a page or one to a page.

Students love to color!

Try after a test or quiz to give your students something to do while they are waiting.

Regular worksheets are so boring! This is a great way to give yourself an easy day and give your class a fun and new way to practice. Just print and go – no prep!