Slope, Graphing Linear Equations, & X and Y Intercepts Quiz


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Do you need a slope, graphing linear equations, & x and y intercepts quiz for your middle school math class?

Don’t spend your valuable time creating your own linear equations quiz.

We did the hard work for you!

Slope, Graphing Linear Equations, & X- and Y- Intercepts Quiz

  • 12 Questions
  • Answer Key Included


Topic Break Down:

1. Find the x- and y- intercepts given an equation.

2-5. Find the slope of the line, and find the intercepts.

6-8. Find the slope of the line given two points

9-10. Graph the equation given the slope and y-intercept

11-12. Graph the equation given a linear equation in slope-intercept form.


Please Note: The graphs print and copy well. The lines are dark and clear. The thumbnails do not do them justice.