Get to Know You Dice – Icebreaker Activity


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Try this unique icebreaker activity for back to school 2020!

This resource contains four printable dice with a get to know you question on each side. There are a total of 46 unique about me questions.

Try using these dice in small groups. Give each group at least one (or all four) of the dice. Students take turns rolling the dice and answering the questions they land on.

After the students get to know each other in small groups, you could go around the room and have each person share the most interesting fact they learned about another student.

Consider assembling the dice in advance to save time.

I recommend assembling them on regular paper – card stock will hold up for longer but is more difficult to assemble.

Assembling the dice is easy! First, cut along the outside border of the shape. Then, fold along every line and glue the tabs one-by-one by adhering each tab to the corresponding side. Work on one tab at a time and let it attach and dry before moving on to the next tab.

Your class will really enjoy this engaging icebreaker activity – rolling the dice is fun! (especially the 20-sided die)

Try it in your class TODAY!