Area Formulas 3D Flash Cards


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Help your class memorize the area formulas with these unique 3D flash cards!

What are 3D flash cards?

A 3D flash card is a three-dimensional figure that has been transformed into flash cards.

  • First, you construct the 3D shape and then roll it like a die.
  • It will land on either an area formula or the name of an area formula.
  • Next, guess or record the corresponding name or formula.
  • Then, check the bottom of the die to see the answer.

For example, if the die lands on “A=lw”, the answer would be “Area of a rectangle”.

This is a fun way to memorize the formulas compared to traditional flash cards. Students love rolling the dice!

Works great in groups (have them quiz each other) or independently (students can self-check their answers).

Try this in your geometry class TODAY!