Fraction, Decimal, & Percent Equivalencies Poster & Worksheet


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This LARGE poster will help your class with fraction, decimal, & percent conversions and it will look BEAUTIFUL on your word wall with your math anchor charts!

This is a black & white DIY poster. If you want yours to POP like mine, you need to print it on brightly colored paper.

In addition, you will receive a worksheet that’s identical to the poster with SEVERAL printing options.

Check the preview to see all of the different worksheet choices! There are LOTS.

One version is completely filled in and can be used as a handout.

Print one of the many partially completed versions and give your students a worksheet requiring them to complete the table of fraction, decimal, and percent conversions.

Your class will have fun filling in the pie chart fractions!

This poster will look GREAT on your wall and will really help your students!

Download this resource NOW!