My Welcome Video for Students

I start teaching on Monday (8-25), so I finally made my welcome video for the students that I mentioned here.  I unexpectedly had to finish the video on Friday.  Now that it is online, I am happy to share it with you.  Even though I am not 100% happy with the video, I learned how to get over that feeling quickly last year when I was making flipped videos with a deadline every week. Check the video out if you like:

I already know that I want to do something different for the next time I make a welcome video, but I am happy that I got something out there for the students to feel like they know me a bit before classes start.

Right now, I am challenging myself to turn on my camera during class more this year.  This is a scary thought, but I know I can do it, and the students will love it!



    1. It would definitively be possible to use your I-phone. For the welcome video, I did take a few clips from my i-phone when I was moving around the office, but the beginning of the recording was done from my work computer’s camera.

      When making flipped videos, or any video of the screen with my voice, I use TechSmith’s Camtasia. This software is the best! It makes editing videos a breeze, but it can be expensive.

      I use Vimeo to post videos because many parents and schools have you-tube blocked. You can get a Vimeo account for free if you don’t already have one. Here is an example of a video on Vimeo.

      If you have a video on you-tube that you want to use, try to to broadcast the you-tube video(s). Here is an example.

      Vimeo does have editing capabilities, so you don’t really need Camtasia. First, you can import your mp4 files from your i-phone. Then, you can combine/edit them using the free Cameo Editor. I have never used the editor before (because I have Camtasia), but I am happy to help you figure it out if you are having trouble with it. It looks like it will be very compatible with your I-phone because the download is from I-tunes.

      Another program that I got from TechSmith is called SnagIt. I think it came free with Camtasia.

      I will be by to check out your blog soon.

      Best wishes,

      Amy Harrison

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