How to Make a W-Shaped Accordion Style Foldable

I love using foldables in the classroom.  Feel free to use the images and/or video to help your students create their w-shaped accordion foldable.



You need enough copy paper and writing utensils for your class.

It is important to create your foldable ahead of time, that way you aren’t trying to come up with something on the spot.

I find it very helpful to have multiple foldables with various states of completion. That way, you can show a little at a time, but don’t have to worry about writing everything down while your students are.

Now that you don’t have to spend all of your time in the same spot writing, you can monitor your class better by moving around the room.  Take this opportunity to make sure everyone is on task and that no one needs help.

Do you want to print the above pictures?  Get a free PDF here!

Check out some foldables that I made using this template:


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