Adding Integers MATHO (Bingo Game)

There was a teacher who had a dog and Matho was his name-o!

Matho the Wonder Dog

MATHO is exactly like Bingo, except it’s way more fun!

Why is it more fun?

Because it’s Bingo + Math! What could be more fun than that?

Adding Integers MATHO comes with 44 unique play cards, but you should only print one for each student. If you have more than 44 students in your class, may God have mercy on your soul! I included a blank card so you can hand-write extra cards if you need them.

MATHO also comes with a worksheet that matches the call-out cards to keep your class accountable. It’s not just a game, it’s review and practice! Have them solve each and every problem that you call out, whether or not it’s on their card.

Adding Integers MATHO comes with two sets of calling cards. One set has an answer key!

There is no work for you to do – just print and play!!

  • Mix up the 30 calling cards (these are like the Bingo balls) and choose one at random.
  • Instead of calling out a number, you call out an expression for the class to solve.
  • Your class solves the expression on their MATHO worksheet, and then checks their card to see if they have that number.
  • Get 5-in-a-row for a MATHO and the win! Or spice it up with some 4-corners action!
  • If you don’t have plastic bingo chips to use like me, you can have your class cut out paper squares, or just have the students mark their cards with a pen or pencil. If you intend on playing multiple games, instruct them to mark in a specific corner of the square for each game.

Here’s the best deal on plastic Bingo chips on Amazon (if you want to elevate your MATHO experience):

Check out Astrobrights color paper to make your MATHO cards POP!

MATHO is awesome! Classes love to play Bingo – with MATHO, you get the fun of Bingo with the practice and review mixed in! Win-win!

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