Whole Number Operations – I Have Who Has Game


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Keep your students on their toes while they practice finding the the sum, difference, product, and quotient with this engaging whole class activity.

This 36 question “I have, who has?” game with all whole numbers is an excellent way to include every student.

Since you (hopefully) don’t need 36 cards, see which students are “up to the challenge” of taking on extra cards. Get students organized and keep them accountable with one of the included worksheet options.

This activity is easy to prep. Just print on cardstock, laminate, cut out and store.

Then, you can use it for every class period, every year. You will only need to print one set if you are using this as a whole class activity.

If you are going to use as a small group activity, make sure to print enough sets for each group. When used this way, all students will have to have multiple cards.

Use the unique 6 card loop to introduce the activity or for a quick group activity.

Would you rather make your own loop size? Print the blank cards and write out your own first and last cards!

There are several worksheet options included that are one sided, two sided, blank, or have problems written. This allows you flexibility if your class (or certain students) need more room to work. Use a blank table to help keep students organized, or the table completed with the problems if they need more support.

*Answer Key is Included!*

*All numbers used are whole numbers from 1-350.*

How the Game Works:

  • Make sure all cards in the set are being used. Give some students more than one card.
  • Start with ANY card.
  • Have the student who is starting read the question on the bottom of their card.
  • Give students a chance to work it out.
  • Have the student who has the correct answer to the question on the top of their card: “I have __,” and then read the question on the bottom of their card.
  • Continue the process until the answer is the number on the top of the card that you started with.