One Step Equations with Integers Triangle Puzzle


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This engaging puzzle is a unique way to review one step equations with integers! The puzzle has all four types of one-step equations: addition equations, subtraction equations, multiplication equations, and division equations.

This puzzle has two versions – a full page size version and a half page size version that will fit perfectly into your interactive math notebook!

This is a great way to practice solving one step equations with integers!

Students LOVE puzzles. Compared to a traditional worksheet, a puzzle is MUCH more fun and engaging. Puzzles force our students to think, whether they want to or not!

Not only will your class have fun, but you don’t need to prep! Just print and go – answer keys included!


Give yourself a break!

To solve the puzzle, students will solve each equation, and match it with the solution on another piece.

Try using this puzzle in a math station when you are doing rotations. Cut out the pieces ahead of time and laminate them to save time.

How Can You Use this activity?

  • Independent Practice
  • Group (or Partner) Work
  • At Home Practice
  • Assessment
  • Review

Some Tips:

  • The text is read along the outside of the triangle. If you rotate your triangle, you will easily be able to read all of the text right side up.
  • For every spot that the triangles match up, the equation and answer must match up.
  • When two triangles (or a triangle and a rectangle) are touching (share a side), they must be a match.

How to solve the puzzle:

  • Simplify each equation.
  • Match up equations with their solution.
  • When matches are found, place the puzzle pieces and work on the next part.
  • Make sure that all shared lines represent the same value.
  • Once everything matches up, you are finished! Congrats!
  • Glue puzzle pieces on worksheet.

What can you do about early finishers?

Give students some blank triangles. Once they have finished the puzzle, they can continue the puzzle with equations and answers of their own. See who can add on the most triangles before time expires. *BONUS: You can now use these cards in the future.*

Specific Ways to Use This Activity:

  • Option 1: Use this activity to mix things up! Print the puzzle and worksheet. Then, have students complete the puzzle, glue it on the worksheet, and turn is as an assignment. There is an optional worksheet that will help your students get organized. Later, you can display these assignments.
  • Option 2: Print, cut out, and laminate the puzzle pieces. Then, store in plastic baggies. Distribute to students in groups to solve the puzzle. See who can solve it the quickest!