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Create a Foldable on Any Topic

How do I create a foldable on any topic?


I decide how many sections I will need based on the topic I plan to use.


Preview of the Mini Interactivity: Find the Mean or the Average of a Set of Numbers

Download the free .swf file here.

This is a quick, interactive resource that can be used on the computer.

When you play the SWF file, make sure you hit the continue button when you are ready to move on. Also, once you have entered your……

Coordinate Plane Foldable

This is an example of a coordinate plane foldable for use in an interactive math notebook.
How can you make it?

First, make sure that you cut your graph paper so it is a perfect square.  Next, fold all four corners to the middle. Write the Quadrant Numbers on the Outside.  Then, draw an x- and y-axis on the……