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First Week of School Ideas and Resources 4

A unique back to school activity for middle school.
The Cost of Coloring in South America:
FREE Coloring Activity Involving Basic Math

• Cover Page: Cost of Coloring South America Project
• Goal/Directions Page
• South America Coloring Project Worksheet
• South America Coloring Project Answer Key
• Thank You & Author……

First Week of School Ideas and Resources Part 3

I have been busy creating back to school resources (and other resources) for the last few weeks. In fact, I have spent almost all of my time behind my laptop working. Hopefully some of these resources will help you out. I wish everyone a successful back to school, which will help set the tone for a……

First Week of School Ideas and Resources Part 2

For two years I used classroom jobs.  I forgot to mention that I teach middle school.  When I used jobs I taught 6th grade and 8th grade… YES, 8th grade too!  One year was informal, but the next year was very structured. The benefit of structuring jobs?  The students take care of a lot of tasks that……